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2 Responses to “Facebook Users in India”

  1. Vaibhav says:

    This was an interesting article. The number is well above 3 million now.

    Is there anyway to estimate how many of these users on Facebook are from Gurgaon?

  2. Thanks Vaibhav. It is indeed fascinating to track the exponential growth of social networking in India.

    Identifying users from Gurgaon would be a challenge. Facebook does not, as of today, provide city wise data for Indian users. Maybe when the number hits 10 million…

    But a quick search for Gurgaon and applying the filters “people” and the network “India” gives all the people who list Gurgaon as either ‘Home Town’,’Work City’, ‘High School’ or ‘Job’ and initially yields ‘over 500 results’. But when you dig deeper the final number is only a paltry 453…hmm interesting!

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